Defensive Driver

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Driving the learning process

Andy Phillips our lead trainer at Devon Driver & Rider Training has been working with/for RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Fleet Services on delivering Defensive Driver training to individuals and organisations that need to drive or have drivers at work. He has also been involved delivering assessor and motorcycle trainer courses.

The RoSPA courses are levelled through RoSPA Qualifications and cover everything from the basic Defensive Driver Development up to Trainer and Assessors.

Course options offered by RoSPA

One Day Defensive Driver Development

The one day RoSPA Defensive Driver Development course helps drivers to understand not only better driving techniques but more importantly, helps the driver understand their attitude and behaviours towards driving and other road users.

It looks at factors that affect the driver and how they may drive differently because of internal or external influences. How they can manage those factors for a safer journey.

Our core beliefs and the belief of others, as well as attitudes towards our driving; has a huge impact on our daily vehicle use.

An example of Speeding

Ask yourself: Do you ever speed? Be honest!

Emergency Vehicle what to do
  • Obligation?
  • Inclination?
  • Opportunity?

Which are you:

  • No police around, clear road… It won’t hurt will it?
  • I quite like going fast. That’s why I drive.
  • Work has me doing so much. I have to get there on time.

Can we help you to drive change?

Contact RoSPA and see what they can offer to help you become a safer driver or even assessor of your own drivers at work. Everything from trailer training, 4×4 use, advanced driving, advanced motorcycle, and advanced motorcycle training.

Andy covers the South West of the UK (living in Devon) and would be delighted to talk with anyone in the area thinking of doing a course. These need to be booked through RoSPA fleet services. If you want a chat first, contact Andy at Devon Driver and Rider Training or of course the team at RoSPA who are always very helpful.

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