Work Related Road Safety

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What is a fleet driver? (Or Rider)

Employers Legal Responsibility For Work Related Road Safety

All Companies, whether they are small family run businesses or large organisations, are now directly responsible for the safety of all their employees. This includes the use of all company vehicles during normal working hours.

On April 06, 2008, The Corporate Homicide Act (Scotland) and Corporate Manslaughter Act (England & Wales) were introduced across the UK. In short, this new legislation means all companies and other organisations will be prosecuted and found guilty of corporate manslaughter where there has been a gross failing throughout the organisation in the management of Health & Safety with fatal consequences.

The police can and will be involved in all investigations involving a work related road accident death, or serious injury.

This legal requirement applies as much to employees who drive as part of their job as it does to employees who work in an office or factory environment. This means that employers have to manage road risk in the same way that they manage other occupational Health and Safety risks throughout the rest of their business operations.

Therefore, every employer has a legal responsibility to make regular assessments of the risks to the Health and Safety of their employees while at work and to take remedial action as and when required.

However, even though Government Legislation now requires it, only a small percentage of companies have now implemented a Road Risk Reduction Programme. The financial cost of not doing so can be substantial, fines are between 2.5% – 10% of the annual turnover of a business.

Managing Occupational Road Risk is therefore vital for all companies who have employees who drive a company vehicle for company business. Companies should therefore have a strict safety policy in place, supported and implemented by Senior Management. A well run business that already has effective systems in place for managing Health & Safety has nothing to fear from the new legislation. However, many companies have no such system in place and indeed have little, or no idea, what their responsibilities actually are.


UK Road Accident Statistics

There are an estimated 3 million company cars on the road. Approximately one in every three road crashes involve a vehicle being driven for work. That’s 3 deaths EVERY DAY involving company vehicles

Company drivers who drive more than 80% of their annual mileage on work related journeys have over 50% more injury accidents than similar drivers who do no work related mileage

Every week approximately 200 road deaths and serious injuries involves someone at work

About 300 people are killed each year as a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Approximately 4 in 10 crashes that are related to tiredness involve someone driving a company vehicle

Work-related road accidents are the biggest cause of work related accidental death. Between 800 and 1000 people are killed annually in work-related road traffic accidents compared to approximately 250 fatalities due to other work related accidents

Business drivers have collision rates that are 30 – 40% higher than those of private drivers

How We can Help your Business and your employees … the Basics.

Potentially lower insurance costs if you have a good effective driver safety assessment and training programme. If you have motorcycle riders they can benefit through the governments ‘Enhanced Rider Scheme’.

If you employ younger drivers who are statistically more likely to be involved in a road collision, you have the peace of mind as well as reduced down time for employees and vehicles.

At Devon Driver and Rider Training what we provide depends on the needs of the individual driver. Therefore, all our Training Programme’s are designed and tailored to meet the requirements of each individual. However, as a rough guide we normally provide:

  • Licence Check
  • Pre Vehicle Checks
  • Presentation on Occupational Road Risks
  • Initial Driving Assessment
  • Highway Code Quiz
  • On Road Driver/Rider Training and Coaching
  • Demonstration Drive if appropriate

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