Hazard Drill

What is the hazard drill?

The hazard drill in a crucial process that helps you deal with all real and potential road hazards in a precise and measured way:

  • Mirror(s)
  • Signal
  • Position
  • Speed / Gear
  • Look

Often known as Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre; it includes some essential elements on approach to a hazard.

When is it used?

When approaching an actual or potential hazard for which you may need to slow down, speed up or change direction.

Hazards can fall within three different categories:

  1. Static (Road layout ie roundabouts or junctions)
  2. Moving Hazards (Other Road Users)
  3. Environmental (Visibility, road surface, standing water etc)


The process helps you deal with most road hazards in a calm and systematic way.

  • By knowing what’s around you
  • Letting others know what you are going to do
  • Getting in to a good position so you don’t effect others or you make your movement easier
  • Being at the right speed and then gear for negotiating the hazard ( i.e. junction or roundabout)
  • Looking to make sure it is safe to go!

This leads to a calm safe drive as well as potentially helping with fuel economy.

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