Passing Road Obstructions

Driving Lesson

How learners can do it safely!

A parked vehicle, road side obstruction or even temporary traffic calming measures can all present physical barriers to you whilst driving.

Always follow the MSM/PSL routine when dealing with hazards on the road:

Mirror – Signal – Manoeuvre – (Positions, Speed/Gear and Look)

Is the obstruction your side?

Is there approaching traffic?

What are drivers doing behind you?

Is there room for you?

Approaching traffic will have priority on most occasions if the blockage is on your side of the road. So you will need to give way.

If the blockage is on the other side of the road, normally you would have priority… but don’t assume it. See what other vehicles are doing and you may need to give way if there isn’t room.

Driving Lesson

Don’t Leave it so late that you or the other vehicle has nowhere to go except backwards.

Looking ahead, as with most road situations, is the best way to give yourself time and space to do everything you need to do i.e. Checking how close cars are behind, signalling, moving over, slowing and getting in to a good gear to go, looking to see if it’s safe to go.

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