How to pass your driving Test

Driving Licence

The secret to passing your driving test:

In short, there aren’t any secrets to passing the driving test and never have been. The best way to pass is to put in  hard work, practice and gain experience on the road. Learn from mistakes and take driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor.

The best tips to help you pass the UK driving test:

  • Anticipation and Planning – Think about what may happen. Don’t just look at a hazard in from of you, look at the next one as well. What is round the corner?
    • Plan and try to use information from things you are seeing around you. For example a van with its back doors open – where is the driver?


  • Don’t Give Up! – If you think during your test you have failed; don’t give up. You might not have. Keep concentrating and do the best drive you can until the end. Don’t keep thinking and worrying about what just happened, as you need to concentrate on what is going to happen next.


  • Keep Concentrating on What is Important
    • Don’t worry about the examiner, they can take care of themselves. Don’t worry what they are writing.
    • Don’t get distracted by things outside of the car be it the weather, people or other vehicles.


  • Don’t Assume – Use information around you to confirm things, such as road markings or speed limit signs. For example; look for arrows on the road or signage that helps you plan which lane to be in.


  • Make Sure You Are Rested – Don’t burn the candle at both ends, get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated. Both will help you to keep your concentration.
    • If you are nervous, which most of us are, take 5 deep slow breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.


  • Enjoy the Ride – If you have worked hard and listened then you know you are good enough. Give your best Sunday drive and enjoy showcasing your skill.

How to pass your UK driving test. Vehicle driving on a road with a slow sign painted on the road

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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