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Roundabouts don’t need to be confusing

Like most things in life, preparation helps. If you are prepared before you get there, it’s mostly plain sailing. PLAN!

I say mostly because not everyone else plans!

Top Tips when approaching a roundabout, especially larger and more complicated ones.

  • Read the signs.
    • They normally give you a big clue as to which way you need to go. At least they tell you how many exits and what the road numbers are. They also give you information on the placed you would be heading towards.


  • Look at the ground.
    • The road, normally on the multi-laned roundabouts, will have markings telling you which lane to go in for your exit or destination.


  • Follow the road.
    • If there are multiple lanes they are normally marked around the round about. Follow your lane. There will be a break at the exit or the lane will guide you off at your exit.
      • Watch for people who realise they are in the wrong lane.


  • Keep on target.
    • Stay in your lane as you go around. Generally you will be in the left lanes for turning left or going straight on. In the right lane for straight on or right. The signs and road marking will tell you.
      • If you find you are coming off at the wrong exit, it may be better to take that exit and turn around one safely off the roundabout.
      • Cutting back in to the roundabout when people think you are leaving could be asking for trouble!

Roundabout animation

If you are making a journey, sometimes within you preparation its worth looking at a map either online, paper-based or on a sat nav. This can give you a better idea of the road numbers and directions. It also can help by telling you what exits you may need.

BEWARE: Satellite Navigation doesn’t always tell you the truth! Use it with caution. It can be a great aid though (assuming your mapping is up to date)

Paper based and online methods can also be out of date if there have been recent changes to a road layout.


Come and have a session with us if you feel you need some practice or tips.

Good luck!

DDRT (Devon Driver and Rider Training)

Tel. 07878 543 413

or sarah@devon.training



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